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Transport & Works Update - 19 September 2018

The North Somerset Railway is now in a position to progress the work on the transport and works order to reinstate the line to Radstock. This is on the a basis of a full reinstament with a Train Operating Company running the service  with possible optional heritage interval services. With letters of support from MP's and local councils we are finally in a position to progress more actively.

Vacancy for an Accounts Manager - 4 September 2017

This is a voluntary position which is not significantly onerous as we do not have the usual business transactions. A person is required at a time when the project is expanding and becoming exciting. For more details, please click here.

Two Wagons Purchased in August! - 23 August 2017

We have purchased two wagons, a YBA Sturgeon, 27 tons numbered 994281, and a Flatrol weighing 30tons. They are being stored by our friends at the East Somerset Railway, Cranmore, until we can use them for their intended purpose, which is track and infrastructure.

Photographs will appear in 'Gallery' shortly.

Financial Assistant Needed - 15 March 2017

Due to the health problems of the Financial Director a person is required to take on that position if those problems deteriorate. More details can be found by clicking here

A Bubble Car to be used on the NSR? - 13 December 2016

The bubble car was built in 1960, being given BR number 55025 and later designated Type 121. It was in public service until 1993 when it was converted to Departmental use. Subsequently it was cannibalised for spares. Much work is needed as seats had been removed, some doors welded shut, large diesel engines had been installed for driving auxillary equipment, and propulsion equipment must be replaced.

It is ownd by the DPR Carriage Group, arriving at Long Marston in May 2016. See picture in Gallery / Concept.

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