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Train Simulator for the NSR now Launched! - 5 March 2016

The North Somerset Railway Train Simulator is now AVAILABLE! There are two ways of obtaining your copy: you can go to Facebook and search on Somer-Rail, scroll down until you find the link. Alternatively, you can click and go directly to it. If you do not already have it, you must also purchase Train Simulator 2016 which provides the fundamental facilities. An option will appear to obtain the Steam download: this is free and provides automatic updates, etc.

The Train Simulator - 22 February 2016

The Train SimulatorAt the exhibition in Frome on 30th January we demonstrated the Train Simulator.

Yesterday's Exhibition at Frome - 31 January 2016

We held an exhibition at the Frome Cheese & Grain and the Railfuture Severnside meeting was alongside. We had many local visitors, more than even we had expected. Again, the the working model of the proposed Mells Road site was operating and attracted much interest. The updated Train Simulator was running throughout the day and generated excitement from all visitors, 

We were very please that so many visitors had taken the trouble to come: there  were Members from four local authoritities and we will be able to follow-up many aspects of the plan with them.

The public launch of the Train Simulator is planned for25th February: for details search on Facebook. Stills will be appearing here shortly.

Exhibition at Frome - 30 January 2016

We will again be displaying the Train Simulator, further updated, along with the model of the proposed Mells Road station on Saturday30th January 2016 at the Frome Cheese & Grain, Meeting Room 3. This will be an excellent opportunity to find out the latest information about the project and see the Simulator in action. There will also be a meeting of the Severnside branch of Railfuture where a local speaker is expected. 

Doors Open for the Displays: 11:00

Railfuture Meeting               : 14:00 - 16:00

Displays                              : 16:00 - 17:00

Note the date in your diary now!


Phone Messaging Service - 11 December 2015

We have set up a freefone number for you to leave messages if you do not have access to the internet: we will reply to you as quickly as possibly.

The number is 0800 6127 117

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